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- Starry Town For a Smile "GIOTTO": 1st in champion class, Best Male & BEST OF BREED (saturday) + 1st in champion class (sunday) 
- Starry Town Favorite Son Don Giovanni a Kinelarty "GIOVANNI: 3rd in champion class (saturday)
- Starry Town Hulk Hogan "HULK": 1st in open class & Cac (saturday)
- Starry Town Hit the Road "DRUM": 4st in open class (saturday & sunday) 
- Starry Town Greatest Love of All "FUCSIA": 1st in open class & Cac (saturday) 
- Starry Town It Was Short and Sweet "DOGE": 1st in junior class (sunday) 
- Starry Town I Love You Baby Ulla "BABY ULLA": 1st in juniores class (saturday) 
- Starry Town Londonberry "ZOE": 3rd in juniores class (saturday)
- Starry Town Lennox "FENDER": BEST IN SHOW JUNIORES (sunday) 
- Starry Town Little Grumb "EMMA": 1st in baby class (saturday) 
- Starry Town L'ile de France "YUMI": 2nd in baby class (sunday) 

Ringraziamo di cuore tutti i nostri amici e clienti, che in occasione del raduno Ciabs sono venuti a trovarci con i loro cani;
grazie a Voi questo week end non è stato solo un week end ricco di successi, ma anche di risate e di puro divertimento!
Mary Turetta Andrea Carozza Serena Gilda Gili Sonia Guerra Tiziana Brugnone Riccardo Bonato Daniele Gavi Sonia Sindone Marta
Trevisan Susanna Rupiani Elisa Dotti Verusca ColombelliA presto :)
We thank all our friends and customers, who during the Ciabs club show came to visit us with their sweet dogs;
thanks to you this weekend was not just a successful weekend, but also really amazing, full of laughter and fun!
Sally Murphy Philip Murphy Ian Instone See you soon :)

*thanks to the judges, Pascal Hinque & Frank Lorenz, for appreciating our dogs.
** thanks to Fotokristall di Favretto Selene - Selene Favretto for the pictures ♥