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What a great time we have had at Banbridge show.
Starry Town Favorite Son Don Giovanni A Kinelarty Handled by Andrew and under Judge Mrs E. Robinson took the Green Star (CAC) from the Intermediate class going on to take the Best of Breed.
To top that a Bitch bred by us and Owned by Mr & Mrs Jeffers (Kinelarty Lady of The Loch) got the bitch Green Star (CAC) and the reserve Best of Breed.
as Andrew had to go to work we had to get Timothy out of Bed (He works Night Shifts)
to show Giovanni in a very strong working group.
This give us all quite a laugh as the judge had placed 5 dogs outside the ring, which he had previously judged in their breed classes. Then he brought in the very large working group. The only one of this group to be put out was Timothy with Giovanni. The judge said to him “Out” and pointed to where the other five dogs where standing outside the ring. Poor Timothy couldn’t understand what he had done wrong!!!! lol Can you imagine his great shock when he discovered he wasn’t put out but was the only one of the remainder of the working group pulled out. In fact this meant he was in the final six!!!! The Group Judge was Mr. J Mravik (Croatia) and he give me a lovely critique on Giovanni and said he was a great mover and had a great future ahead of him.